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Dubai City Tour Packages

Our Dubai City Tour package includes the following places.

Gold Souk and Spice Souk

Our company, Musandam Travel offers you the best Dubai City Tour Packages of the gold and spice souks all for a reasonable fee. We will take you to the gold souk and you will see for yourself why Dubai truly is the city of gold. Visit the spice souk under the able guidance of our staff and savor the aroma emanating from the numerous spices and dried fruit available for sale.

A visit to the historic Bastakiya

We have a package that covers visits to the Bastakiya, an ancient neighborhood comprised of ancient architecture and several winding alleys. Musandam travels will enhance your experience by taking you to marvelous areas of the Bastakiya while our native guides narrate the history of the area.

Around the majestic Burj Khalifa.

A visit to Dubai would not be complete without a tour to the Burj Khalifa. Musandam Travel has you well catered for with its Burj Khalifa visit package. We will take you to the tallest building in the world and get you to the observation deck for you to take in this magnificent work of engineering and architecture.

A round trip to the Dubai Museum

The Dubai Museum, also known as Al Fahidi Fort is among the tourist destinations that we offer our clients. Musandam Travels will take you to this Museum and back to your hotel destination at a competitive fee. A visit to this museum will take you back in time as it is filled with authentic monuments, literature, and videos that paint a picture of ancient Dubai.

Walkthrough the Sheik Zayed Road

Among its many packages customized for visitors, Musandam Travels offers walks along the Sheikh Zayed road. This road runs through the emirate’s main cities and takes on different names. There are many skyscrapers that line the view as one walks along the road and Musandam Travels’ guides who are all too familiar with the area will be able to identify all those buildings for your knowledge.

Visiting The Atlantis, The Palm & World Islands.

Our company offers a wonderful package comprising of visits to Atlantis, the Palm and World Islands. Apart from being a popular accommodation venue chosen by many celebrities, many tv shows have filmed scenes in the hotel. Visitors will be able to tour this luxury hotel at a very competitive price. Clients will also be able to visit the World Islands, a collection of artificial islands modeled in the shape of the world’s continents. Our clients will be able to get a peek at this private accommodation area.

Palm Jumeirah Beach trek, visiting the Burj Al Arab Hotel.

We offer beach treks on the Palm Jumeirah which is an artificial land extending into the Persian Gulf. Our trained guides will lead you on this thrilling tour of the island littered with world-class hotels. This same package also comprises of a visit to the Burj Al Arab, taunted as the world’s only 7-star hotel. This tour will offer clients a view of one of the world’s most famous hotels, all at a reasonable price.

The grand Jumeirah Mosque visit. (NOT ALLOWED INSIDE DURING PRAYER TIME)

The Jumeirah Mosque is undoubtedly the most photographed site in Dubai. Musandam Travels offers tours to the grand Jumeirah Mosque which also allows entry to non-Muslims. However, clients will not be able to tour the mosque during prayer time. Our company has an elaborate schedule that outlines times when visitors will be able to tour and take photos.

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