Things to do in Musandam Dibba

December 29, 2019


Musandam is one of the best places located in Oman. So if you want to visit in Musandam Dibba, there are a lot of things to do. If you have an interest in diving and snorkeling than Musandam is the best place. It will make you wonder and love nature. The Musandam trip ends up with a great experience and full of discovery. Musandam is full of natural scenes of Limestone Mountain, peak and foothill. There are a lot of visiting a place such as; Dolphin spot, Camping, Khasab Fort, Riding and more. 

Following are the desirable things to do in Musandam:

  • Banana boat ride:

The banana boat ride is one of the best things that tourists do in Musandam. Almost all group age peoples enjoy this activity to do in Musandam. Even those who cannot swim can also enjoy the boat ride. 

  • Adventure in Hajar Mountain:

If you love four-wheel driving than Musandam Dibba is the best place for this adventure. Due to several valleys, this place is locally called the “Wadi”. Don’t forget to take your camera with you for the amazing pictures.  

  • Sail in a traditional dhow:

Boating in safari grants you the real excitement and chance to enjoy your life. From all these activities you get Goosebumps. Literally, all the equipment and life jackets are provided to you. One of the best activities that you can do in Musandam Dibba is Fishing and Cave riding. 

  • Traditional dhow cruise: 

Float down Dubai Creek aboard a wooden dhow and choose among the array of international cuisine. Complete the night with live entertainment and views of the illuminated skyline under the starry sky.

  • Visit Khasab Castle:

Your tour is not complete until you visit Khasab Castle in Musandam Dibba. When you visit the Khasab castle, you visit the exhibition where you know about Musandam’s history. In the exhibition, you can see the traditional summer house, weapons, clothes, Omani boats, jewelry and more. 

  • Visit the Lime stone Rock:

This place is very popular in travellers. Whenever you visit the Musandam Dibba you must visit there. Basically it is white coloured rock that standing near the Hajar Mountains.   

  • Camp at the beach:

If you like to do camping and excited to do Camping on the beach. Musandam Dibba is best option for the Camping lovers. It gives you a chance to spend your time on the beach. A lot of people visiting there for camping, riding and fishing. 

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