Telegraph Island

Telegraph Island Musandam Khasab Oman

February 26, 2020

Oman is rich with historical stories and social fortunes. The rocky island is 12 km in the west of Khasab, which has a lot of tourist importance. Drifting in the Arabian land, there is present a Telegraph island that had significant influence in the district Musandam peninsula in the past times. 

The island has another name that is Jazirat Al Maqlab. It got its name “Telegraph” because of the presence of telegraph cable repeater stations built by the British. In old times this island plays an essential role in making communication easier between nations. Nowadays, this island is one of the attractions in Oman for tourists where visitors can camp, swim, and Dhow on the island. 

Telegraph Island is part of our Khasab tour inclusion. When the tour starts, the island seems to be like all other lands, but when you pass by while sailing, you will experience the clear sparkling water under which you could see the marine life. This site is amazingly beautiful.   

History tells the importance of the place as it was the center of communication. This is the fact that telegraph island is a delight for the student of telecommunication. 

The visitors can also climb up the repeater station and can see the significance of the place, but care must be taken if the water level as the tide can change around 2 to 3 feet, which can make it difficult to climb.


As you move along in a dhow boat, Dolphins will approach to welcome you and show you their dance and naughtiness. The playful dolphin will make your tour worth it. Along with millions of colorful fishes, your sailing would become incredible. Well, with no surprise, the telegraph island is not the best place for fishing, but it is the best place for snorkeling.

Tourists can also swim along with the dolphins and make friends with them. 

The weather of the island is humid and comfortable for swimming and snorkeling, so wear light clothing. Camping on the island is one of the attractions where tourists can experience the seaside air and breathtaking beauty of the water in the moonlight. The availability of a dhow boat is also there for an overnight cruise. 

Enjoy your time on the Telegraph island and capture those moments in the camera. 

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