Khor Najd

“Khor Najd” The Place Where You Can See The Ocean Meets The Mountain.

March 19, 2020
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Khor Najd has a significant history in the books of Musandam. The word means “help” in Arabic because this was the place where tourists and traders take rest in the time of distress or lousy weather conditions.

 Southeast to Khasab 24 km away there present Khor Najd. The only inlet that cannot be reached without 4WD. The road to the Khor is gravel and is 6.6 km in length. Without the 4WD, the tourists can not go through the steeps and rocky road, which is also not paved. The experience through the road is impressive as the visitors can see the panoramic picture of the lagoon from a height of about 425 meters. The other option of reaching Khor Najd is by the sea 4 hours from Khasab via the Strait of Hormuz, where the visitors can see the mesmerizing views the meeting of the sea and the mountain.


The advantage of this place to the visitors is that it includes both the sea and the mountains. Tourists find themselves comfortable climbing the hill or go swimming at the beach. They can go snorkeling, the dolphin is waiting to welcome, but there are possibilities of the presence of Sharks as well so keep yourself protected. 

Camping can also be done in the extremity to enjoy the time with family under the blue sky. The only thing that could be problematic is the weather and the sea tides be careful with the selection of the camping site. If you chose to go climbing, the stunning cliffs are waiting for you to enjoy the view.

This all looks more pretty when the weather is a little cloudy.  Arrangements are being made to promote tourism in Musandam Oman. So here in Khor Najd, the tourists would find proper refreshments and hotel to enjoy a little stop. 

Other accessories are also provided to the tourists like boats if they want to go sailing or a 4WD vehicle for a drive throughout the area to acknowledge the culture and traditions of the region.


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