Khasab Castle

Khasab Castle – 60 Minutes Of Culture Tour

April 10, 2020
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Musandam is one of the untouched beauties in the world. Khasab Castle is one of the top attractions of the district. History tells that the Portuguese built the castle in the 17th century to take control over the Strait Of Hormuz, but soon they were expelled from the area. The castle came in power of Omanis. The renovation of the castle was made in 2007. 

The castle was under the control of the Omani military at first to keep a check on Portuguese. Later it became the residence of the Wali of Khasab with his family to be safe in the area. 

The castle has an antique architecture with cylindrical towers in the center, and the outer wall is square. The castle represents the culture and traditions of the Musandam, where an exhibition of their compound features is held. The show contains the traditional model of the summer house, traditional jewelry, clothes and weapons, wedding decorations, and kitchen equipment. It also includes the model of Bait Al Quful.

The courtyard of the castle has the exhibition of the boat types for which the governorate was famous for such as “Mashuwwah.” And along with this, the model of Al Arish is also suspended. To show the culture of the area, a well is also dug in the courtyard there is also a presence of hand mill (the old times grinder used to grind grains or stone into powder form) and a heating clay oven also known as “Tannur” where they used to put wood to burn the oven and cook. The first floor contains many rooms like the room for newlyweds and a Quran school, which shows the importance of Islamic teaching in the area. 

This castle summarizes the history of Khasab and Musandam very well. Now the tourists have to pay a fee of 2$ at the entrance, but once you get in you will experience the spectacular round tower, and upon climbing it you will have a view of surrounding areas. 

This is a quick stop, but it is worth it as the castle demonstrates the lifestyle of the people there and their ancestors.


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