Jebel Harim.

Jebel Harim. – All About “Mountain Of Women”

March 7, 2020
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All About “Mountain Of Women” Jebel Harim

If we talk about the ancient Omani lifestyle, and culture Jebel Harim is the best place to start with. It is the peak of the Musandam peninsula mountains with spectacular vistas and strikingly inspiring landscapes. The highest point of the rocky road is around 1600 meters. Astonishingly, the Jebel Harim is also called “Mountain of Women” it got its name because this was the place where women in the old day were kept to be safe in the caves from the pirates or the other rival tribes when their men are gone for hunting or fishing for a long time. 


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The beauty of the mountain is enriched and enhanced in the spring season when the soft green grass grows on the mountainside and wildflower blossom. The roads are paved all around the hill and offer a spectacular trip. 

The route is through Khasab, where a graded road leads to a limestone formation until it reaches the plateau of Sayh. After moving further 8km, the way passes the telecommunications tower, which is marked as the top point. The radar tower is built for keeping a watch on the shipping action.

The sensational road views ahead are waiting for the tourists. The fossils in the rocks surrounding the road give the mountain a striking look. 

The fossil wall has the impression of many sea animals like starfish, crabs, and shells, which can be seen clearly. 

Talking about the civilization and heritage of the place Jebel Harim is considered to be civilized centuries ago, this fact is supported by the presence of stone impressions and carvings and ancient petroglyphs. These carvings show the images of humans and their animals. 

The town has old forts built with impressive and unique architecture. The region also shows the local tribe heritage. The area also has unique traditions and culture like Bait al Qufl or now known as the “House of locks,” where they have put the antique belongings of the people. Now the place is open for the tourists so that they can appreciate the Omani culture and tradition.


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