Bassa Public Beach : One Of The Top Attractions In Khasab.

March 29, 2020

Summer times brings the opportunity to have a fantastic time at a beach. Being in Oman, one of the attractions is Bassa public Beach. The Beach is 2 km from the Ferry terminal and 9 km from the district Khasab Musandam. The travelers can reach there by road as well as by the sea. Just after the Attana Khasab hotel on the left, the location serves the largest Beach of the Musandam. 


The beautiful Beach has everything you want to stop by and relax. There are tons of water activities you can engage yourself in other than swimming, like sailing in traditional boats, diving, snorkeling, and water sports. You can also go fishing. The Bassa public beach offers you to have a look at the dolphin and have some fun with them while snorkeling. The diversity of marine life is seen when you go snorkeling. 


Camping at the Beach is also a fantastic thing to do. Lying down on the wet sand gives a relaxing effect on your muscles, you have fatigued throughout the busy day. While sitting and having juice, you can enjoy watching turtles that are the main attraction at the Beach. The area is perfectly safe for camping. Just remain a bit away from water only in case the tides go high. The clear turquoise water of the sea gives a soothing effect, and you can also go for an overnight dhowing enjoying the moonlight. Or else you can have a bonfire at night, whatever is your choice.


The mountain range all around the sea gives it a mesmerizing look, whereas the tourists can go climbing at the same spot. The look from the highest point is enchanting and makes you wonder about the beauty of the place.  Experiencing the horizon at the Beach is the best way of meditation one can do. The sunset at the Beach has all the attractions and beauty one can never forget.The availability of all the essential is there as the government is actively progressing in the advancement of the tourist’s attractions in Oman. 



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