Musandam Tour Packages


175 Per head until 3rd January. 


Looking for Musandam Tour Packages from Sharjah and Dubai or may be from Abu Dhabi? If so, you are on right place. But hold on, Before we get into Musandam trip details, let us tell you something about the Norway of Middle EAST. Yes you heard write Musandam is refer to Norway of Middle EAST because of stunning fjords.



Musandam Peninsula

Musandam is one of the massive piece of land surrounded by water situated on the northern border of Oman. The Governorate of Musandam is Khasab that is located 570 kms from Muscat that can be reached or destined in daily flights from Muscat. This governorate is famous for the villages and the dangerous roads that lead to the mountain tops of Musandam. Mosandam is not the part of Oman but a separated place by the east coast of United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is easily accessible but have an isolated identity. It is approximately 22 miles or 35 kilometers wide. The sea water and mountain is considered an exclusive feature of this area. Gradually this place is rapidly growing its importance because of the serenity it holds. People visiting Dubai and have an extended plan to explore Oman, this place is one of the most attractive place for them even it is not the actual part of Oman. They consider it a mandatory for them to visit it. The high mountains along with the waterway gives an epic view to the tourists. They find the spreads of these mountains mesmerizing and eye catching. The mountains are almost 2 thousand meters high above the sea level. The waterway flowing alongside of these mountains gives a view of heaven on earth. This waterway is famous as, the Strait of Hormuz. It separated the Arabian Gulf on one side and the Makran gulf on the side and this point is known as “Gate of the Lion’s Jaws” It gives the opportunity to tourists for enjoying their unforgettable moments with their friends by boating and capturing the beauty in their memories and cameras. The second name for this peninsula is “Norway of Arabia. This name depicts the beauty hidden in the place that force the tourists towards it. It is known for the Rocky Mountains, small villages situated around it and the dwindling roads in between the mountains. The cultural and unconventional behavior of the people living in the villages of this peninsula is strange and worth seeing. Tourists feel very calmness and peace in such natural driven environment where people can energize or boast their spirituality.

This peninsula is not only considered for peace and calmness but also a number of activities can be performed and experienced within the area. Tourists mostly make their trip to mosandam more memorable by some of the following activities.