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    Musandam Travel LLC is a leading Musandam tour operator located in Dubai, the busiest city of UAE. We offer a range of services uniquely Musandam Tour Packages from Dubai to suit your touring and holidaying needs. Our tour packages are affordable while ensuring that we maintain the highest professional standards and quality. Our Musandam Trip & Tour Packages includes Musandam Dhow Cruise from Dubai, Dibba, and Sharjah, archaeological site tours, boat trip, sands tour, Mountain safari tour, Snorkeling & Khasab city tour. Camping and indulgence in local cuisine. Our main office is in Dubai, but we also operate in Khasab. The area is one of the best-kept secrets any visitor can hope to find. Let Musandam Travel show you around and cater for all your needs. Musandam Travel offers the best boat rides, in the traditional dhows cruise with pleasant staff who are sincere in their work- it is our most significant value. Our Musandam Dhow Cruise trips come snorkeling equipment in case our tourists want to dive into the beautiful blue waters. See the beautiful coral reef and take a swim if you like.

    Our Musandam tour packages will take you to the awe-inspiring rich archaeological areas in the Khasab region. We promise lovers of archaeology a very good time as our staff guide you to answering your questions. Be prepared to be mesmerized by the site’s old forts and the Hasat Bin Salt (ancient rock with ancient inscription). Our guides are local inhabitants of the area so you will be treated to an excellent narration of the history of the old buildings and antiques. You will get to hear about the mysterious myths and tales that surround the sites.
    We also offer hikes and trekking adventures, in partnership with local guides who are well conversant with the terrain. Visitors can take this opportunity to interact with the guides to learn more about the culture of the locals. Musandam Travel will also take care of your camping needs if you fancy the outdoors in the night. Our quality tents and equipment are periodically inspected to ensure they serve their purpose well. We also ensure that you do not miss the chance to savor local cuisine prepared by the methods passed down over generations.
    Our pleasure is to provide you with the best vacation experience you could ever find in this part of the world. After your visit, be sure to spread the word about Musandam Travel and the Khasab. Book your Musandam tour package today and take advantage of our customer friendly prices and be prepared for the experience of a lifetime